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Burger Review, Smashburger BBQ

Burger Review, Smashburger BBQ! Pop Up (Lathlain @ Laika)

Well, I have managed to miss the launch and second pop up for Smashburger BBQ and sulking in puddles of tears looking at all the pics posted on PBH on those weekends!

Smashburger BBQ is a collaboration between Big Don and Chamberinos and those in the know, these guys are top of their games!!! Both competition winning BBQ and Burgers!

I managed to get a taste of what was to come when Perth Burger Hunters had the first Burger Comp a few months ago and Tristan took out the Grand Champion trophy for his dreamy burger creations!

There were a couple of options and I decided on the double cheeseburger!

Well….. It’s not often I get burger envy and although I am no pro, I can hold my head up high and am happy with my home creations using some of the best ingredients available!!

Well, the Burger game here is strong….. I may have shed a tear….. It’s not as much about the ingredients as it is about the technique… Tristan is the Burger Master, the Jedi… The Burger Ninja….

This Cheeseburger is Burger perfection!!! It comes as a double and I know why, the ratios are perfect and the flavour balance is BANG ON! Those Smash Patties, oh those Smash Patties, such crispy, tasty edges… perfectly cooked, crispy edges but still nice and juicy inside, which is where the technique is next level…. Faultless….

The Bun is perfect, soft and pillowy, but holds up to the last bite, onion, Pickles, tomato sauce, mustard and gooey melted cheese to make up the perfect cheeseburger!

We shared a pulled meat fries, SO GOOD! And couldn’t leave without having Big Dons Brisket…. NO WORDS!!! This is where the magic happens!!! The brisket is perfectly cooked and such fat marbling you would expect from a WAGYU brisket… Soft melt in your mouth…. You need this in your life!

On my way out I overheard a couple talking and the girls says to the guy, “You know for a double cheeseburger this good, in 2019, you just can’t beat it, this is bloody good value!!”

Well, she’s not wrong, I would swap a kidney for one of these burgers……

Yesterday was a good day, we got out, shared this experience with friends and I am happy in my tummy!!! I can’t wait till the next one I hope it’s tomorrow, please be tomorrow ;)

Awesome stuff and love your work Team, till we Meat again!!!


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