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Burger Review - I slipped and fell into Hoodburger!

So today I had to go into Northbridge and walked past Hoodburger... NO I DIDN'T! It was lunchtime and I couldn’t help myself! I had seen a post the last week or so and it wasn't that positive and I could not believe it so I had to go and see again.... geez I can make any excuse I want, it's not working..... I tried something new this time, I went for a Deluxe Cheeseburger add Bacon! Boy I am glad I did! The bacon was super crispy, usually I like mine less done but it works!! Nice texture addition! Adding the lettuce, tomato etc to the cheeseburger works and I LOVED it! the patties are a perfect doneness for a smash patty and it was just an awesomely balanced burger, I rate it... It's just a great burger and just hits the spot!

My wife was with me, ordered a Korean dish Dolsot-bibimbap... she had a little bite of my burger and immediately regretted her decision!! Afterwards she said "We need to go back to Hoodburger I need a burger!!!" Now that's saying something.... Thanks again Hood, smashing it...

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