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Well, Today was a good day, Today was the day I met Tom, Hoodburger owner and Burger Boss!!!

Today was also the day I popped my HOODBURGER Cherry!

Jason Carle and I met for lunch and being chilli heads, as a regular, he knew what he was there for,

I immediately agreed.... a Hot Fried Chicken Burger, a Hot Cheeseburger and I suggested we share Burgers as well as add an additional item, the “Ribwich” and of course mandatory Fries….

We borrowed a machete from the kitchen and began digging in!!

I started with the “Ribwich” and all I can say is WOW!

I have a new favourite, being pork it was cooked perfectly with the most generous amount of the house made spicy tomato sauce… you KNOW I like sauce and I’m in love! Perfect amount of sauce (I like lots) and SO much flavor…. Top Marks!

Second was the Hot Fried Chicken Burger, So tender and tasty… cooked to perfection, Very Crispy and I must say the chilli kick in the coating was hotter than the Jalapeno’s on it which was also a pleasant surprise! Damn fine….

I took a deep breath and decided I needed to take the half cheeseburger even if it killed me…. Well I am SO glad I did… absolutely nailed it, exactly what you expect of a perfectly constructed cheeseburger… YES PLEASE!!! Excellently executed…..

I must compliment Hoodburger on their choice of brioche buns, just incredibly light and fluffy, with enough firmness to hold them together and happy to say, all burgers came with McClure's Pickles, NUFF SAID!

Fries, oh the fries…. The most generous serving of fries I have had in a while! Just spot on! Perfectly crispy and accompanied with a smokey chilli mayo that was just bloody awesome, hotter than your average which is rare to find as a chilli head!

Like I said, Today was a good day… Thanks to Tom and his team @ Hoodburger!!

Do yourself a favour… Bucket list tick….


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