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Burger Review - Bump-in Burgers

Today was a good day… actually today was an AWESOME day! It’s not often that your expectations get met, let alone totally exceeded! Well, today was one of those days!

I have been meaning to get to Bump-In Burgers for a while now, in fact this one has been bugging me as it is considered my “Local” Burger establishment as it’s a few Km’s away from my house! Every time I have intended going, 3 or 4 times now, something has come up that has meant it remained on the to-do list….

A spur of the moment message last night and a SMS today at lunch time meant I snuck a break from work and headed down… *(Escaped on purpose never to look back!)

Caught up with a mate Dayton and we walked in!

Being lunch it was packed, an awesome vibe, wicked music, rocking décor with my childhood dream and favourite Vision Skateboard deck repurposed into funky lighting greeted us on entry!

Being a NOOB I pondered over the menu for a minute…

My order, “Jack Sabbath” (I of course Added Bacon!) Bump-Ins juicy handmade Aussie beef patties, crunchy mustard pickle, caramelized onion and melting American aged cheddar. Served with our home-made relish and Dijon mustard.

My mate got “Eddie Cheddar” (Added Bacon) Same as above but with double the beef and a ton more mouth watering American & pepper jack cheddar.

Both of us ordered medium rare patties that come standard although you can specify well done! As this is Gusface Mince…. I knew what to do, not my first rodeo!

As busy as they were and to our pleasant surprise, our order came out in a couple of minutes!!

The smell was insane, with looks to match and that cheese melt, OH THAT CHEESE MELT….

THE FRIES As we dined in we got a serving of fries at no extra cost! Nice touch!! Thin fries, on point! Perfectly crispy and I added Vinegar and chicken salt…. “Winning!”

THE WINGS We decided to get a serving of “Annihilation of the Chicken Wings – Hot” with both BBQ and blue cheese dipping sauces. Their Chicken game is strong, not too hot, great crisp and awesome flavour! Smashed it!

THE BURGER First off you are hit by the flavour combination which was perfectly balanced The Solid Steak Mince flavour you would expect from the holy trinity, 1- The pass from Uncle Troy 2- The Assist from Cousin Gus 3- The Slam Dunk from Chris at Bump-In

These cheese smothered beauties are to behold! A nice balance when you hit some Sweet relish and caremalised onion and then a slight acidic tang of the Pickles which totally covered the burger which I loved!

All this bought together with the Dijon mustard sauce. The bacon was soft with the occasional crispy char, just the way I like it! And the toasted Brioche bun squished down just right but managed to hold together perfectly till the last bite!

It is a mighty burger that’s for sure and if you are going the double make sure you are hungry, Dayton will go the single on our next visit which will be soon, that’s for sure!

All in all, I am massively impressed, the guys at Bump-In have done a fantastic job of making most sauces in house and sourcing the right local ingredients and since they opened, they have listened to what their customers fed back and made the little changes to improve! Great work!

This Burger is one of the best in Perth, it’s right up there, no doubt!

I can’t fault anything I had today, my problem is when I return, do I deviate and order something else or just go with “Old Faithful” knowing that I have found one of my new favourites….


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